Mekong River

GMS Tourism Performance

The Mekong Tourism Coordinating Office tracks 20 tourism performance indicators in the Greater Mekong Subregion.

  1. International Visitor Arrivals
  2. Average Length of Stay
  3. Top 10 Source Markets by Region and Country
  4. Percentage of Tourist Arrivals by Air
  5. Percentage of Tourist Arrivals by Land
  6. Percentage of Tourist Arrivals by Sea
  7. Scheduled International Inbound Flights
  8. Inbound Air Seat Capacity
  9. Number of Countries Permitted to obtain Tourist Visa on Arrival
  10. Number of International Border Checkpoints (land, sea, air) Offering Tourist Visa on Arrival
  11. Number of Hotels
  12. Number of Hotels Rooms
  13. Average Occupancy Rate of Hotels
  14. Number of Tour Operators
  15. Number of Registered Tour Guides
  16. Tourism Receipts
  17. Tourist Expenditures
  18. Tourism Investment
  19. Tourism’s Direct Contribution to Employment
  20. Tourism’s Direct Contribution to Gross Domestic Product