GMS Core Environment Program (CEP): Strategic Framework (2018-2022)

Pages: 13

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Publication Author: Asian Development Bank

Value proposition of CEP (1)
• Regional program with a track-record on:
– Knowledge management
– Policy and regulatory advisory
– Institutional strengthening and capacity building
– Project development expertise (e.g. BCC and Green Freight)

Value proposition of CEP (2)
– Regional program strategically well placed to:
– Address the demand of emerging global environmental trends
and regional priorities (SDGs, NDCs, CBD targets, AEC)
– Integrate environment and climate additionality in development strategies and investments through well established GMS processes (e.g. GMS SF and RIF)
– Enhance synergies between
• Emerging country priorities in the GMS (green growth, climate
resilient and low carbon strategies development)
• ADB’s and Development Partners commitments on CC and environmentally sustainable growth
• Global commitments and new climate funding windows (GCF, GEF, CIF, NDF)

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