Da Nang pilots QR code technology for tourist information search

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Da Nang pilots QR code technology for tourist information search (Photo: VNA)

The central city of Da Nang city is piloting the installation of QR code display boards on street name posts across its Son Tra district to serve the need on searching information of residents and visitors.

Accordingly, QR code display boards are being installed on 111 street name posts across 30 major roads in Son Tra district.

Residents and visitors can use their smartphones to scan the QR code and will be directed to a link to access the information.

The galvanised steel QR code display board has a length of 18cm and a width of 12cm, on a blue reflective background with white letters in both Vietnamese and English.

Initially, detailed information about Da Nang tourism will be displayed in Vietnamese. In 2022, Son Tra district will expand the installation of QR code display boards in more roads, and add English in displayed information.

Nguyen Dinh Hung, a resident in Son Tra district, said this is a very good practice and suitable with the trend at present because most people have smartphones to scan QR codes in order to search for information about tourist destinations in a simple and convenient way.

Read the full article at Vietnam Plus: https://en.vietnamplus.vn/da-nang-pilots-qr-code-technology-for-tourist-information-search/218448.vnp

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