Yunnan at Your Fingertips Launches Yunnan Tourist Service Card

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Since October 2020Yunnan at Your Fingertips Platform has issued Yunnan Tourist Service Card Tourists can use the card directly in “Cards and Offers” in WeChat after collecting the card from Yunnan at Your Fingertips Platform’s official WeChat account. The card is a convenient and comprehensive electronic card with four major services: health QR code, scenic area reservations, complaints and returns. This card is intended to create a comprehensive tourist service system in Yunnan that makes tourism more intelligent and humanized. It allows tourists to enjoy healthy, accessible and safe tourist services on their relaxing and carefree journey.

As an intelligent software jointly built by Yunnan Province and TencentYunnan at Your Fingertips Platform has been fulfilling its mission, which is putting technology first, integrating resources, intelligentizing tourism, and creating an authoritative e-tourism platform in Yunnan.

In the context of the pandemic of COVID-19, traveling is more about “Which place is safer” than “Where I want to go”. Since tourists are more concerned about their health and safety during their travels, the four main features of Yunnan Tourist Service Card will provide them comprehensive health QR code, scenic spot reservations, complaints during their travels, and returns and refunds.

In the long run, the tourist service card will become a “fast track” for the government to protect the rights and interests of tourists by providing a more accessible “service entrance”, showcasing the “new image” of Yunnan tourism, and pooling together governmental guarantee of Yunnan at Your Fingertips Platform. By being one step closer to tourists, Yunnan at Your Fingertips Platform presents the beauty of Yunnan to the world.

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