Yangon Goes for A Beautification Program

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Typical 100-year old Yangon façade in a desperate need for overhaul.

Typical 100-year old Yangon façade in a desperate need for overhaul.

Myanmar major newspaper in English language, the Myanmar Times, wrote last week about the launching of a campaign to clean up and beautify Yangon. The campaign has been kicked off in a downtown alley to make the city more lively and attractive.

The campaign is spearheaded by the social and heritage conservation group Doh Eain, the residents from the respective streets and the Yangon city government, told the Myanmar Times.

Artists painted colourful artworks on about 640 meters of otherwise dull concrete walls in the area to make the place more lively and attractive.

Yangon Region chief minister Phyo Min Thein and mayor Maung Maung Soe were at the event and the city mayor gave a speech at the start of the ceremonies.

“As a mayor, I want to make cleanliness a priority. We start by cleaning the back alleys and then collecting trash from the drains,” said the mayor.

“This is just a start. Our aim is to raise the consciousness of the people about cleanliness and keeping the surroundings clean,” he added.

The mayor said that imposing fines alone on violators will not be enough to enforce discipline, urging the community to be vigilant and not to “accept” households that throw their garbage everywhere.

“I will cut water and electric supplies to that kind of household if the community agrees,” he said, adding that if the erring households continue their bad habits, he would buy the house and drive off the misbehaving residents.

The Yangon region government is doing its share to clean up the region, according to the chief minister.

“We have plans to hold discussions at all townships with Hluttaw representatives, responsible persons in government, quarter administrators and town elders in the division. At the discussion, we will let the town elders and residents talk for three or four hours,” he said.

“We want to implement a situation where the people take their own initiative and depend on their own money. In this way, all people can participate in the country’s development”, he added.

The residents hope to make the alley into a place where the residents can rest. They plan to build four playgrounds, three gardens, two mobile libraries, two flower gardens and a gym where people can do their daily exercises, Khin Maung Latt, one of the back alley activists, reported the newspaper.

He added, “There is also a plan to install CCTVs and trash cans in the alley using funds from the residents.”

Source: Myanmar Times

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