Vietjet restarts international flights

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Vietjet restarts international flights on selected routes this month.
Photo: TTG Asia

Vietjet has resumed regular international flights connecting Vietnam’s major hubs with Bangkok, Tokyo, Seoul, and Taipei, since last Friday (April 2).

Flights from Ho Chi Minh City to Bangkok are scheduled to depart every Friday, and the service from Hanoi to Seoul (Incheon International Airport) is scheduled to depart from April 15.

Meanwhile, the flights from Hanoi to Tokyo (Narita International Airport) are scheduled to depart from April 6, while the services from Hanoi to Taipei are scheduled to depart from April 11.

All services from Vietnam will only serve passengers who meet the immigration regulations of the host countries and territories. These travellers are usually Vietnamese citizens studying, working, or visiting relatives overseas, or foreigners returning home from Vietnam.

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