The 41st World Tourism Day (WTD) On the Theme of “Tourism for Inclusive Growth”

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The Ministry of Tourism of the Kingdom of Cambodia has a great honor to inform the provincial tourism departments, private sectors, tour operators, tourism associations, national and international tourists and the general public that the Republic of Ivory Coast will host the 41st World Tourism Day (WTD) on the theme of “Tourism For Inclusive Growth” to be held on September 27, 2022. The theme will enhance the commitment of every country around the world that the benefits that come from tourism growth will be felt at every level of our broad and diverse sector, from the biggest airline to the smallest family business while working for inclusive growth means getting everybody behind a better vision for tourism and build the foundations for a better future for all.


To celebrate the aforesaid World Tourism Day, the Overseas Tourism Marketing and Promotion Department of the Ministry of Tourism has designed Cambodian tourism attractive posters in various languages include English, French, Chinese, Arabic, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Spanish and Thai for promoting on digital platform.


Receiving this announcement, all provincial tourism departments, relevant institutions, private sectors, tour operators, tourism associations are requested to cooperate and participate in promoting the above-mentioned posters (as attached in QR Code) comprehensively and widely to national and international tourists with the stance of high responsibility.


For further information, please contact the Department of Overseas Tourism Marketing and Promotion by mobile: (+855) 17 938 393 or by email:

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