Thai Military to tackle Bangkok’s Nightlife

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All bars and clubs must close by 2am under laws passed in 2004, a rule often ignored by police in return for bribes.
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The latest news following a slew of new laws and regulations is that the country’s military will begin crunching down on Bangkok’s nightlife.

The move will see many popular bars and clubs in the nation’s capital close early or indefinitely.

According to The Independent UK, bar owners have said military officials have begun “barging” into their establishments and demanding to see liquor licenses.

Sadly, some of these bars and clubs have never had, nor needed, a license.

The news comes ahead of the country election slated for February of next year, and the campaign may be a last-minute attempt to clean-up Thailand’s reputation.

The frustrating reality of Thailand’s continual efforts to tidy its reputation though is that it is, in fact, tourists who are so often to blame for the negative aspects such as “sex tourism”, overtourism, and environmental damage.

According to Thai law, all bars and clubs are meant to close at 2am, though many stay open all night.

Sam Wong, who owns a bar in Bangkok, said the stricter crackdown on nightlife has seemingly come out of nowhere.

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