TAT puts destinations into brand boxes

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Car Racing at Buriram International Circuit (BRIC), Buri Ram

Tourist poor destinations will be given an helping hand by the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) to boost their chances to capture the attention of both international and domestic tourists.

TAT has highlighted 55 secondary provinces across the country that are in the sub 4 million visit league for both foreign and domestic tourists.

The government agency is touting three concepts to lift awareness in secondary destinations that are light years behind premier league players Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket and Chiang Mai.

Based on concept labels, TAT branded Buriram in northeast Thailand as a “sports city” and Chiang Rai in far north Thailand a “city of wellness”.  Neither city has adopted the branding officially, although Buriram comes close.  However, Chiang Rai after various brainstorming sessions still remains undecided on branding options. “City of Arts,” references to coffee and tea and wellness have all been nonstarters.

But the core branding categories for 55 secondary destinations are now in place. Take your pick.

Local experiences
Destinations that offer in-depth know-how sourced through communities that offer insights into alternative lifestyles ad wisdom.

Future Challenge
Secondary cities, lucky to have an expanding economy, and are now ready to benefit from tourism if developed in a sustainable manner.

Connecting Destinations
Destinations that compliment Thailand’s big cities through a connecting corridor that extends to neighbouring countries.

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