SW. China’s Kunming continues to promote international, high-end, characteristic and intelligent tourism

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Photo shows the general tourism information of Kunming, capital city of southwest China’s Yunnan Province.

Kunming, capital city of southwest China’s Yunnan Province, has made efforts to promote the development of its international, high-end, characteristic and intelligent tourism industry in recent years.

As one of the 2020 annual tourism cities selected at the China National Travel Award Ceremony held in Beijing in April this year, Kunming focuses on the development of industries including health, cultural creativity and tourism with the goal of building a regional international center city.

At present, some well-known tourism enterprises from home and abroad such as Paramount Pictures and Sunac China Holdings Limited have settled business in Kunming, and a batch of super-large ice-snow marine tourism complexes and large-scale urban tourism complexes have also been built.

Meanwhile, Kunming is also speeding up the cultivation of emerging cultural tourism industries, including revolution-themed tourism, night tourism, health tourism, and research tourism, and promoting the construction of core projects such as featured tourist attractions and smart tourism, in an effort to inject new impetus into the cultural tourism industry with Yunnan regional characteristics.

This year, Kunming pledges to continue implementing the three-year action plan for high-quality tourism development. For example, it will carry out major cultural tourism projects, integrate into the construction tourist circle and cultural belt in Yunnan and promote the development of compound health tourism products.

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