Re-establishing Tourism Confidence through Innovative Digital Solutions

Company contributor Asian Development Bank

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How can digital technology help restore travellers confidence and help Southeast Asia’s small and medium-sized tourism businesses endure the COVID-19 downturn?

Southeast Asia depends on domestic and international tourism for sustainable economic growth. COVID-19 has widely disrupted tourism, resulting in significant job losses and overall economic productivity. Re-establishing confidence to travel, both international and domestic will be critical for Southeast Asia’s long term economic recovery. With health and safety being a critical consumer concern, innovative solutions are emerging to provide real-time accurate   information needed for safe travel planning, provide tourists with peace of mind, and promote local tourism businesses. As Southeast Asia starts to recover from the economic impacts of COVID-19 and borders begin to reopen, significant innovation will be needed to support long-term inclusive tourism recovery. Proactively and effectively communicating safety protocols and accurate travel information will help assure international and local tourists that destinations are ready to receive visitors.


To help Southeast Asia’s small and medium-sized tourism businesses endure the COVID-19 downturn, how can we use digital technology to provide health and safety information, or develop consumer products and services, that restore confidence to travel?


Your innovative solutions are what we need to fast-track tourism recovery in Southeast Asia!


In this challenge, ADB seeks digital solutions that can contribute to Southeast Asia’s tourism recovery in the wake of COVID-19. 

The following areas of interests are eligible for the challenge: 

  • Real-time updates on COVID-19 health and safety protocols implemented by public and private tourism service providers and information about evolving visa, air and  ground transport, accommodation, tours, food and beverage services, and other tourism business operations
  • Integrated end-to-end travel planning tools (air and ground transport, accommodations, food and beverages, health, and wellness, etc.) that integrate COVID-19 safety and prevention measures 
  • Creative digital marketing campaigns that maintain destination visibility and engender consumer confidence to travel again 

The selected solution will have potential funding of   USD 10,000 or more for selected pilots in ADB’s developing member countries. 

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