Nusasiri partners with Elite Thailand to lure global investors and tourists to Thailand

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Mrs. Siriya Thepcharoen, Executive Vice President of Nusasiri Public Company Limited.and Mr. Somchai Sungsawang, President of Thailand Privilege Card Company Limited.
Photo: Bangkok Post

Nusasiri Public Company Limited, a leading real estate developer and owner of the popular healthcare platform, World Medical Alliance, has announced a significant new partnership with the Thailand Elite Privilege Card (Elite Card), operated by the Tourism Authority of Thailand, to combine forces and implement a “parallel business stimulus strategy”, focused on real estate and health, to increase investment and tourism in Thailand.

Mrs. Siriya Thepcharoen, Executive Vice President of Nusasiri Public Company Limited, said that the continued impact of the COVID-19 crisis on the economy, social interactions and travel habits, of people all around the world, has led people to pay more attention to their health.

Nusasiri’s strategy to maximise interest in this area, is to create real estate projects which feature added premium health services for residents. Operating under the “Chivakhun” umbrella, these “Longevity Villages”, will provide inhabitants with access to private healthcare, diet and exercise programmes.

Nusasiri’s health platform, the World Medical Alliance (WMA), acts as a digital hub for medical and health services, empowering its global users with the ability to easily access doctors, specialists, hospitals, clinics and healthcare products from around the world anytime, anywhere.

“We are a business looking to play a key role in stimulating the economy, so we have partnered with Thailand Elite to leverage our real estate and wellness products to attract investments and tourists from all around the world. In addition, we have also authorised General Sales and Service Agent (GSSA) to issue elite card privileges and create added value to attract international travellers.”

“As a New Year’s gift to people around the world who would like to travel to Thailand, we have issued the Blue Diamond Card, a membership card valued at 3.5 million baht, which gives [holders] 20 years’ visa rights, where you can stay in Thailand continuously without leaving the country and are entitled to premium health care, such as a health check-up programmes, cell therapy, detoxification (Detox), vitamin therapy (IV Therapy), as well as access to investment and tourism advisors – for a perfect life in Thailand.”

Mr. Somchai Sungsawang, President of Thailand Privilege Card Company Limited, the operator of the privilege card project, Thailand Privilege Card or “Elite Card”, said it is the duty of the organisation to bring members to Thailand to live happily for as long as possible. It is also the organisation’s duty to generate spending and stimulate the economy during the coronavirus outbreak, where Thailand has gained global confidence in its response measures. This has made Thailand a destination for those with the purchasing power and desire to have a second home, which is another way to stimulate the economy.

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