MTCO via public and private sector partners offers opportunities for members of the media to participate in events and am trips. We look for travel trade to consumer media outlets, represented from professional journalists to bloggers. Please fill out the Media Accreditation Application Form below, and agree to the Terms and Conditions.

Terms & Conditions

  1. I understand that I am attending MTCO events as an editorial representative of my publication/organisation. 
Non-editorial personnel will have their media entitlements revoked.
  2. I agree to attend all compulsory and key official media events held.
  3. I agree to provide the following coverage and reports on the MTCO event and its related destinations, news, updates, trends and developments in my publication(s):
    • Minimum of 1 pre-event and 1 post-event article.
    • Daily coverage and reports of event developments, where possible.
    • Additional coverage and reports on destination(s) visited during pre-show and post-show tours.
    • Engagement on social media as appropriate, including sharing of articles on social media sites, as well as tagging #tourismmekong (and other relevant hashtags)
  4. I agree to the use of all coverage and publication contributions made by myself and on behalf of my organisation, for promotional purposes of MTCO and the specific MTCO event.
  5. I understand that it is my responsibility to document and submit all coverage and publicity contributions of MTCO made by myself and on behalf of my organisation. Failure to do so may adversely impact my hosting potential at future MTCO events.
  6. I understand that my performance, coverage and publicity contributions to MTCO will be referenced to validate my hosting potential at future MTCO events.
  7. Active “Verified Mekong Tourism Contributors” are preferred when it comes to selecting media for fam trips and other MTCO media initiatives, and accepted participants in any MTCO media initiatives and activities agree to be a “Verified Mekong Tourism Contributor” at the time of the media program. More information and the application is at:


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