Multi-purpose port for Kep province

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Som Piseth, Governor of Kep province, Som Piseth at the signing ceremony for the White Horse Boat Project. Kep Provincial Hall.

A multi-purpose port is in the pipeline to be built in Kep province that will serve the tourism sector as well as a maritime seaport that will boost the economy and development sector of the province.

The Kep provincial hall awarded the construction of the port to a local company with the agreement signed on August 3.

Named ‘Seh Sar’ (White House in English) port, it will be built in the area of ‘Seh Sar’ roundabout in the city of Kep.

Kep governor Som Piseth said the port project, a new focus of tourism development in Kep province, is the connecting site to a new beach extension project in two communes of Prey Thom and O’Krosar.

“The port project will provide many benefits and job opportunities for local people as well as contribute to poverty reduction for the people of Kep province, who mostly depend on fishing and tourism services,” Piseth said in the meeting yesterday.

Piseth said the construction company has been instructed to build the port as per the contract signed, including making sure that it meets all the specifications, requirements, quality, and technical standards.

The port construction will take 24 months and schedule for completion in 2023.

Kep provincial Tourism Department director Som Chenda said yesterday that the port will contribute towards the tourism sector including the transportation industry from and to the province from other coastal provinces.

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