Experience the Mekong Region through the lens of other People

The destinations in the Greater Mekong Subregion are as unique as the journeys experienced by our travellers. Get inspired, and share your own Mekong Moments in one of the most unique regions in the world – all influenced by the mighty Mekong River, the Mother of Life in Southeast Asia – via your own social media by tagging #MekongMoments, and win prizes via social media contests via participating companies. Get inspired by browsing shared Mekong Moments at MekongMoments.com.

The Greater Mekong Subregion (GMS) Tourism sector strategy is built on the principles of sustainable tourism development that is economically viable. The vision is to promote the GMS as a single tourism destination, and contribute to poverty reduction, gender equality and empowerment of women.


Turn Moments into Memories

Be in the Moment – Travel Responsibly


Mekong Moments is a globally unique and pioneering visual consumer marketing campaign and travel inspirational platform that collaboratively promotes the GMS as a single tourism destination and drives direct business to individual businesses through social commerce. Businesses regardless of type and size encourage their guests, staff, and stakeholders to share their experiences via their own social media accounts by tagging #MekongMoments and the respective hashtag of the experience (hotel, restaurant, destination, attraction, event, tour, shop, etc.). The user- generated content is aggregated to MekongMoments.com and directs traffic to the respective websites of the experiences and businesses.

A true public-private partnership, Mekong Moments has been carefully planned over 2 years to meet the requirements and executed through a public-private partnership between MTCO, the six tourism ministries, Destination Mekong, and six companies including IHG, Small Luxury Hotels, Khiri Travel, and Odyssey Tours China to create a sustainable and efficient program for the GMS. The initiative is aligned with the Experience Mekong Tourism Marketing Strategy 2015-2020 and the GMS Tourism Sector Strategy 2016-2025.

The target audience is two-fold:

  1. International travellers as well as regional and local travellers, who are social media savvy, late-teens and older.

Market size: about 60 million international travellers (Southeast Asia has the highest social media engagement rate).

  1. Businesses/experiences, who are interested to collaboratively promote themselves as well as the region.

Market size: about 213,000 businesses and experiences in the GMS.


A collaboration among travel and tourism industry, Mekong Moments builds capacity in the Mekong region and creates awareness of mindful travelling with the tagline “Be in the Moment – Travel Responsibly”, aligned to the 2017 Year of Sustainability.


The goal of launching a collaborative capacity building platform were:

1. Building social media marketing capacity, especially among local and small enterprises.

2. Provide no-barriers access to free website and to run social media campaigns and generate direct business through social commerce.

3. Inspire travellers to visit sustainable and off-the-beaten-track attractions and steer the tourism streams away from primary destinations to authentic local experiences.

4.Collaboratively promote the GMS by thousands of experiences in the Mekong Region.


Promotional tools from collaterals to videos can be customized for specific campaigns and businesses. The video concept was recognized at ITB Berlin 2017 with an international award for its innovation.


Mekong Moments is powering the Mekong Mini Movie Festival. Please find out more and how to get involved.

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