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A decade ago, you needed 30 pounds of expensive equipment and a set of highly specialized skills to make a professional-grade travel video. Now all you need is a smartphone. And because smartphones go everywhere, it’s unlocked the world itself. We can all play at being filmmakers—and there’s so much you can show in 60 seconds or less.  It may be a time-lapse of the perfect Mekong River sunset in Luang Prabang, a walk though a local market in Battambang. Maybe it’s a shared meal with new friends, anywhere from Cambodia to Viet Nam. For our inaugural annual Mekong Mini Movie Festival, we want you to share those video-worthy Mekong moments with us, celebrating extraordinary experiences—made in minutes, shared in seconds—that last forever.

A great photo captures a moment in time, but a great video has the power to transport you back in time.  We love the way a video can give new life to our most extraordinary Mekong memories. It’s the reason why we started our Mekong Mini Movie Festival—to celebrate those inspiring, stunning, and just plain awesome Mekong moments you’ve captured. The Mekong Mini Movie Festival focuses on—as its name suggests—videos under 60 seconds. And we want to see yours!  Submitting a film is simple; just submit directly to your Instagram, Twitter, or YouTube account by tagging your video with #MekongMoments AND #Minis AND #Country/Destination. Announced at the ASEAN Tourism Forum 2018 in Chiang Mai, Thailand, the contest lasts from January 15, 2018 until May 15,2018 (for individual country submissions), and until November 15, 2018 (for regional submissions – films that cover at least three or more Mekong countries). The country winners will be announced during the Gala Dinner at the Mekong Tourism Forum 2018 in Nahkom Phanom, Thailand on June 26. The regional prizes will be announced during ASEAN Tourism Forum 2019 in Viet Nam.  Winning videos will get posted on our site, and inspiring filmmakers will win journeys in the Mekong Region.

The Country Prizes, as well as the Regional Prize will include regional flights (within GMS) and hotel accommodation for two people, as well as various activities, packaged in one memorable Mekong Experience. Aligned to the 2017 Year of Sustainability of the United Nations, all experiences are responsible in nature. The winners will get a dedicated page on to allow people to follow and get inspired by their journey  experiencing the Mekong Region.

Every one-minute film is, in our view, a minor miracle, and we enjoy seeing your work. We especially look for films that are inventive, funny, uplifting, thought-provoking, meaningful and have a story or message to share, and which get that message across very well, and promote the destination. Note we are not looking for teasers, trailers or parts of larger work – the entire story or piece of art has to be encompassed in your one-minute submission. Videos longer than 60 seconds are automatically disqualified.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Make an inspirational travel video. We ask that you keep it under 60 seconds, but the rest is up to you: iPhone, Samsung, or Canon 5D; iMovie or AVID.
  2. Capture beautiful landscapes and experiences. Tell a story that inspires. Be creative. Have fun.
  3. Post to your Instagram, Twitter, or YouTube account using #MekongMoments and #Minis and #Country/Destination(s). You must use all three hashtags to be entered! You may also add #location and #business/attraction hashtags as applicable – companies that ask people to add their own hashtag will be able to promote their own business. The contest is open from January 15, 2017 until October 31 & December 1, 2018 (for prizes given out at ATF 2019). Please see exact deadlines below. We will be announcing the country winners on June 26 at the Mekong Tourism Forum 2018 in Nahkom Phanom, Thailand. The regional winners and the Viewers Choice winners will be announced during ASEAN Tourism Forum in January 2019 in Vietnam. Winning videos will get posted on our site, and inspiring filmmakers will win journeys in the Mekong Region. Each country and regional category has three prizes:
    1. Viewers Choice (most number of likes via public voting on
    2. Editors Choice (voted by a jury made up of tourism and film professionals)
    3. Industry Choice (live voting during the 2018 Mekong Tourism Forum)
    4. Category Choice (category sponsored prizes by companies (TBA), voted by the sponsoring organization)
  4. Register at so we can contact you. You may also send us a message with the link of your video.
  5. Vote for your favourite video at (or and watch for announcements of screenings and finalists.

Current Results:


June 1

  • Country submissions (to be eligible for Editor’s Choice & Industry Choice Awards) at MTF 2018
  • Category submissions – MTF 2018 Prize (i.e. #Luxury)

October 31

  • Country submissions (to be eligible for Viewer’s Choice Awards) at ATF 2019
    • Voting Open from November 15 to December 31

December 1

  • Category submissions – ATF 2019 Prizes (i.e. #Luxury)
  • Regional submissions (at least 3 countries in single video) at ATF 2019


How to get selected:

Winners will get evaluated based on the below selection criteria:

  • Unique perspective, from film-making to creativity
  • Promoting experiences and destinations in the Mekong Region
  • How well the story is being told to inspire and capture the audience

The following submissions will not be considered:

  • Generally abusive content (content that is inappropriate, indecent, obscene, hateful, tortious, defamatory, insulting, bullying, slanderous, or libelous or otherwise depicts inappropriate behavior or physical injury or death to living beings)
  • Dangerous or irresponsible behavior which may cause harm to self or others
  • Harassment content
  • Racial or discriminatory content
  • Pornographic content
  • Political or cultural-sensitive content, or in violation of applicable laws and regulations
  • Copyrighted content (that the user does not have rights to)
  • Anything that goes against our page house rules (link to house rules)

Basic requirements:

  • Maximum length 54 seconds (if selected, we will include a 3 second branded Mekong Minis intro and a 3 second branded Mekong Minis outro)
  • Selected videos will be shared on and our social media channels, as well as websites/social media account of the National Tourism Ministries and sponsors (as applicable) – page crediting to participant of a video.
  • Should include only material that you have rights to (no copyrighted and protected music, sounds, imagery, or video)
  • If your submission is not in English, then please be ready to provide a translated transcript into English
  • You must agree to all Rules, Terms & Conditions
  • We reserve the right to edit the content but not alter the substance of the piece.
  • Please consider our creative tips
  • You must be 18 to be eligible
  • By posting a video with “#MekongMoments” hashtag on Instagram/Twitter/Youtube (and any other social media platform), it is indicated that the consent, permission to use tagged video and further agreement with these Terms and Conditions is given to Destination Mekong. It is also confirmed that Terms and Conditions are fully read and understood.

The Mekong Mini Movie Festival is powered by Mekong Moments. Please visit Mekong Moments for more information.  Please see the Terms & Conditions.


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