Project Development for Sustainable Tourism: A Step by Step Approach

Country: International
Pages: 80

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This course introduces the participant to developing a sustainable tourism project that contributes to international development goals. Upon finishing the course, participants will have the tools necessary to complete a successful project concept note or similar proposal at the design stage. Participants will gain an understanding of standard requirements for concept planning and design and how best to gather needed information. Participants will learn approaches to rapidly assess project areas and write project goals, objectives, and activities that embrace the principles of sustainable tourism. Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to construct a concept note for submission to bi-lateral, multi-lateral, and other donors for sustainable tourism projects.

The target audience consists of professionals engaged in development assistance in developing countries and working on sustainable tourism projects, including staff from donors (such as USAID), government agencies, NGOs, consulting firms, universities, businesses, and related entities.

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