Kayah Manual for Tour Operators

Country: Myanmar
Pages: 96

License: Read Here

During the past decade, the diverse political and ethnic groups of Kayah State have moved away from conflict towards greater trust, cooperation and peace. As a result, Kayah has recently opened its doors to visitors, including international tourists. Tourism is initially being developed in northwestern Kayah, around Loikaw, Demoso and Pruso townships.

These areas offer wonderful experiences for tourists, who are interested in culture, people, nature and outdoor activities. Welcoming and friendly people, diverse arts and cultures, distinctive, rustic cuisine, and an easy going pace of life make Kayah a simply charming destination.

This manual provides information about tourism services and activities in and around Loikaw, Kayah State, Myanmar. This includes hotels, restaurants, local tour operators and tour guides, and creative and cultural tour programmes. The manual will help your company to put Kayah in your programs and on the map.

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