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internPlease contact us if you are interested in joining us as an unpaid intern at the Mekong Tourism Coordinating Office, or download the Application Form. Please fill out the form and return to info<at>

This is an extremely valuable and unique internship opportunity for anybody interested in international development in South East Asia. Depending on your academic focus and your availability, skills, expertise, and passion, we will tailor a program with you that will create mutual benefit.


Internship Testimonials

I would like to say thank you for giving me an opportunity to be a part of MTCO team as an internship student. I have gained a lot of knowledge about working in sustainable tourism development not only about the working process, but I also got a chance to be a part of helping operated “Arival The In Destination Event” which was the biggest event that dedicated to helping owners and operators of tours, activities, attractions and experiences to grow the business in the tourism industry.

Three months of being a part of MTCO team was a great opportunity for me. I got a lot of knowledge while working on sustainable tourism at MTCO. It was a valuable experience for me.

Methita Utharavitan, Thailand (MTCO Intern, 2019)

I was fortunate enough to spend a number of months as part of the MTCO team, during which time I was able to take on a number of responsibilities all centred around my interest in sustainable travel.  Whilst my primary task was researching and cataloguing sustainable tourism experiences in the region, I was also able to produce a report on current market trends and become involved with initiatives seeking to raise awareness of sustainable issues in several Bangkok based universities.

The highlight of my time at MTCO was helping to run the 42nd Greater Mekong Subregion Tourism Working Group.  This provided me with valuable experience in managing an event, and also let me observe the high-level workings of the industry and come into contact with many industry professionals.

My time at MTCO was an excellent stage of my life, and I highly recommend it to anyone interested in sustainable travel, or tourism in the Mekong Sub Region more broadly.  I am particularly thankful to MTCO’s Operations Manager Ton, who was excellent in helping me to identify work for me best suited to my interests.

Neil Smith, Scotland (MTCO Intern, 2019)

“My interest lies in sustainable tourism development and I was thrilled as I had an opportunity to contribute in Mekong Trends report by carrying out research about travel impact and responsible travel trends in the Greater Mekong Subregion during my internship.

While working closely with Mekong Tourism Forum 2018 “Transforming Travel, Transforming Life”, I also deepened my knowledge of international event and exhibition management.

Internship offered me a valuable opportunity to meet inspiring tourism professional working with responsible tourism in the region. My time in Mekong Tourism Coordinating Office deepened my understanding of the challenges and opportunities faced by the travel industry in South East Asia and I would recommend an internship in MTCO to anyone who is interested in the travel industry and wants to be involved in great travel initiatives in the region.”

Reeta Kemppainen, Finland (MTCO Intern, 2018)

ross-maltonDuring the course of my three-month internship at the Mekong Tourism Coordinating Office I was lucky enough to be involved in challenging and rewarding work. Having discussed my expertise and interests during my first week I was assigned a project to work on during my time with MTCO. This enabled me to apply my full attention to one single project and produce a significant piece of work that was far more rewarding then jumping between different assignments. During this project I was able to present my findings and ideas to colleagues. The experience helped me to improve on the skills that I had learnt at university and develop new ones.

One of the best things that comes with working in an organisation with international objectives is that I was afforded the chance to travel as part of my internship, giving me the opportunity to meet many interesting professionals within the wider industry.

Overall I found my experiences with MTCO to be hugely beneficial on both a professional and personal level and would highly recommend this internship to anyone with an interest in the tourism industry and the Mekong Sub Region.

Ross Malton, UK (MTCO Intern, 2016)

sophie1My three-month internship at the Mekong Tourism Coordinating Office has been a great opportunity and a very valuable experience. It gave me the chance to learn a lot about tourism in the Greater Mekong Region, by attending conferences, meeting tourism professionals from both public and private sectors through my everyday work. The highlight of my internship was the Mekong Tourism Forum which allowed me to participate to a main South Asian Tourism event.

I really learned a lot by interning at MTCO and I was given the opportunity to participate and work on the daily tasks, thus covering the main objectives of the office, which really made me feel part of the team.

I have been able to put in practice what I learned back at university, but I can honestly say that I improved my knowledge and skills of tourism in South Asia. I have learned a lot during the past three months from a professional but also from a human perspective and that’s why I would highly recommend an internship at the Mekong Tourism Coordinating Office to all those students willing to have enjoyable and multi-cultural working experience.

Sophie, France (MTCO Intern, 2015)

RoongI was always interested in the travel and tourism industry –, especially in the Southeast Asian region. MTCO gave me the great opportunity to gain insight into exactly this field of work. During my internship I got more knowledge of the six Mekong countries, and learned about structures and procedures of organizing events like the “31st Meeting of the Greater Mekong Subregion (GMS) Tourism Working Group” and the “Mekong Tourism Forum 2013” (MTF) in Guilin, China. I was even given the awesome opportunity to assist the event on-site.

Overall, I made a lot of new experiences, gained knowledge and got to meet many great and interesting people. MTCO made me realize once more how interesting the travel and tourism industry is, how much I enjoy working in this field and what I want to achieve in my future career.

Roong, Germany (MTCO Intern, 2013)

Six Tips to Make Your Internship Application POP!

Competition for coveted spots at MTCO is stiff – and we take the hiring process quite seriously. After all, it’s an internal point of pride to have “the best” intern working on your team.

So how do you break through the application clutter?

Some of this seems obvious, but time and again, I have seen candidates for internships – and even for full-time roles – who haven’t done any homework on their targeted company and the industry overall. With that in mind, a few tips to stand-out:

1) Know what the agency/company does. Period.

2) Treat the application process seriously. Think about why you want it. What is it that you can bring to an agency/company X?   Articulate what makes you the best candidate. What are you hoping to learn?

3) Do you know what’s going on in the industry? What are the current trends? What’s coming? Which campaigns are strong, which are weak and how might they be positioned differently?

4) Are you following your desired company/agency? Engage! Let us know you are out there.

5) What are you reading? Are you following the industry thought-leaders? Why did you make these choices?

6) Show your passion… show your passion… show your passion(!)

Yes, rock-star interns come in many shapes and sizes. Those applicants who can articulate their accomplishments and also have a point of view about the future of the industry will undoubtedly stand out from the pack.

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