Hanoi’s tourism sector moves to welcome visitors again

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Tourists practice social distancing before entering the Temple of Literature in Hanoi.
Photo: VNA

As the resurgence of COVID-19 in Vietnam has been basically brought under control, the tourism sector in the capital city of Hanoi has been swiftly making plans to attract visitors again and gradually return to previous levels of growth.

This time of year is Hanoi’s peak for tourism, with surging numbers of both domestic and foreign travellers.

This year, though, the situation is different.

The capital attracted just 6.29 million visitors in the first eight months of this year, tumbling 67.3% year-on-year, with international arrivals down 75.6% to just 1.02 million. Such figures have resulted in a large number of local travel companies suspending operations while many hotels have shut their doors.

With this latest outbreak being contained, industry insiders now look forward to improved business performance.

There are only two weeks left before Hanoi begins a wide range of large-scale activities to celebrate 1,010 years since it was established as Vietnam’s capital, called Thang Long at the time, such as a cultural week, a street festival, a craft village festival, a traditional boat race, a culinary festival, a calligraphy exhibition, and a dragon dance festival.

This represents an opportunity to promote local tourism after its long hiatus.

Many relic sites, places of interests, and entertainment venues have had their landscapes improved and new services opened to meet visitors’ demand.

At the Temple of Literature – a must-see destination for every visitor to Hanoi, its centre for cultural and scientific activities is creating new mementos and introducing new methods of heritage education to inspire young visitors, while also developing night tourism by installing lighting to introduce the institution’s history.

Read the full article at Nhan Dan: https://en.nhandan.org.vn/travel/item/9102802-hanoi%E2%80%99s-tourism-sector-moves-to-welcome-visitors-again.html

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