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Exploring a coastal commune for seafood lovers and nature enthusiasts

Nestled in the coastal commune of My An in the central province of Binh Dinh, My An Beach offers visitors an unspoiled haven for swimming, camping, snorkeling, and catching seafood.

My An Beach is known for its anchovy processing and being the largest exporter of this specialty in Binh Dinh Province. It is situated between two other beautiful beaches, My Thang and My Tho, and is about an hour by car and approximately 45 kilometers from Phu Cat airport.

Since the announcement of the DT 639 coastal road project in 2022, this sea area has received increased attention. However, despite this, the number of tourists visiting remains relatively low.

The front part of My An beach in Binh Dinh attracts visitors for its clean blue sea. Photo by Nguyen Viet Dong

According to Nguyen Viet Dong, a 30-year-old native, My An beach remains unspoiled, making it an interesting destination for tourists to explore in the summer.

My An boasts two main beaches, which are divided by the Xuan Thanh rapids. Locals often refer to these as the front beach and the back beach. The front beach, located to the north of the Xuan Thanh rapids, has a long, white, smooth, gentle sandy beach with clean, blue seawater that receives sunshine all year round. This area is suitable for swimming and jet skiing. The front beach is also a gathering place for fishing boats and a market for locals.

The back beach, located to the south, has many cliffs, unspoiled scenery, and is airy, making it an ideal place for taking pictures, camping, watching the sunrise and sunset on the sea.

Hon Dun is a small island located offshore. Photo by Nguyen Viet Dong .

According to Dong, although this activity is free, visitors should seek guidance from professionals such as local fishermen or tour guides to ensure safety.

If you attempt to catch seafood on your own, you may encounter incidents such as getting your hands stuck in rock holes or being stabbed by sea urchin spines. Additionally, fishermen have often caught all the seafood in favorable locations, so precious seafood can be found in some difficult-to-catch areas.

Sea urchins are caught and processed right at My An beach. Photo by Nguyen Viet Dong

My An Beach is located quite close to a residential area, so security is guaranteed. However, a major limitation is the amount of garbage. Visitors should be mindful of stepping on sea urchin shells left by locals and tourists after preliminary processing. After visiting, it is crucial to clean up any trash to preserve the environment.

Dong suggests the ideal time to visit My An beach is during the summer and autumn months, from March to September. The rest of the year, the sea is rough, and tours are suspended to ensure visitor safety.

Visitors can make a campfire or organize a barbecue in the evening on the beach. Photo by Nguyen Viet Dong

Source: By Quynh Mai   June 8, 2023 | 06:15 pm PT / VNexpress

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