Vang Vieng, Lao PDR

Experience Ha Noi at night with tours to museums and relics, see first-hand products of historical memories

Instead of repeating basic activities such as having a coffee, shopping, going to amusement parks or walking streets… Now, monuments and museums in Ha Noi have gradually become increasingly popular and a weekend destination for many families and young people.

In particular, the development of night tours also contributes to eradicating the prejudice that not only those who study history and culture can visit historical sites. But anyone who wants to understand more about the Capital of Vietnam, or simply renew their own experience, can find it as a new form of tourism.

The creativity and originality of the night tours at the 3 museums and relics (Hoa Lo Prison Relic, Thang Long Imperial Citadel, Museum of Literature) will lead visitors to emotional historical stories.

Tours “Sacred night at Hoa Lo Prison Relic”: arouse curiosity, help visitors better understand the prison life full hardships and bravery of patriotic revolutionary soldiers.

Hoa Lo Prision Relic (Photo: TITC)

Night tour “Decoding of Thang Long Imperial Citadel”: with experiencing and discovering Thang Long Imperial Citadel which contains the imprint of the capital of a thousand years of civilization.

Imperial Citadel of Thang Long (Photo:

Night tour “Literature Travel” of the Vietnam Literature Museum with Artefacts as “storytellers” of literature, visitors understand more about the history of Vietnamese literature, many famous authors and literary works of Vietnam…

Photo: Vietnam Literature Museum

Source: Tourism Information Technology Center/ Viet Nam National Authority of Tourism

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