‘Elephant POOPOOPAPER Park’ eco-tourism attraction in Mae Rim, Chiang Mai

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During the SOM3 (Third Senior Officials’ Meeting) meeting held in Chiang Mai from 16-31 August 2022, delegates from various economies were able to savor the beautiful nature of Thailand, on top of discussing initiatives to drive regional economic growth and promote sustainable environment.

Today, we invite you to visit the Elephant POOPOOPAPER Park, another eco-tourism attraction in the Mae Rim District that combines a number of eco-friendly concepts. Its shady learning area covering 4 rai allows visitors to enjoy eco-friendly activities, such as making papers from elephant, horse, and cow dung or other natural materials. Elephant POOPOOPAPER Park delivers a sustainable experience that falls in line with the BCG Economy Model, as it focuses on making the most of available resources. (NNT)

Source: Pattaya Mail


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