Travel news from the Greater Mekong Region; Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Myanmar and China’s Yunnan  and Guang Xi provinces.  (Six member countries of the Greater Mekong Sub-region).

TTR Weekly, since 1978,  has been the leader in supplying independent daily news updates on airlines, hotels, tour operators, tourism offices, attractions and destinations that make up Mekong Tourism.

In addition to covering  Mekong Tourism,  TTR Weekly reports on  travel news and tourism affairs  in Brunei, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines as part of its wider ASEAN travel news  perspective.

Established 1978, TTR Weekly was the first B2B news service  to report on Mekong Tourism as Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and more recently Myanmar opened their doors to international visitors.  Its editorial touches on sustainable tourism, environment and community-based tourism, government polices on tax and visas  related to tourism  in Southeast Asia.

Unlike many online travel news services, TTR Weekly has  full-time journalists and reporters who specialize in covering travel news in the ASEAN and the Mekong Region.

TTR Weekly, home-base  is  Bangkok. It publishes  a weekly print edition  for travel agents and a weekly TTR E-Mag  digital version that is emailed to registered subscribers worldwide.   TTR is updated every business day with nine travel news stories from the Greater Mekong Region and  ASEAN.

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