How will Thailand’s new tourism chapter be written?

Proudly contributed by Suchat Sritama

Thailand’s tourism history makes a dramatic tale of ups and downs. It is strong, having benefited from growth over the past five decades, but also often challenged by devastating forces, such as the Tom Yum Koong financial crisis in 1997 and a series of political unrest that led to airport closures in 2008. Yet, Thailand […]

Tourism Struggles to See Its Future in Southeast Asia

Proudly contributed by Vincent Vichit-Vadakan

The hard-hit tourism industry in Southeast Asia looks for ways out of the pandemic. From promoting domestic tourism to ‘travel bubbles’ to Thailand’s Phuket Sandbox scheme to bring back international travelers, all ASEAN countries are facing novel challenges of the ‘novel’ coronavirus. What are countries doing to counter the disastrous effects on tourism? And what […]

Tourism to hit all-time low in 2021

Proudly contributed by Ton

Thai tourism this year is likely to be at an all-time low as international arrivals may reach just 1 million, while domestic tourism could plunge to 50-60 million trips if the worsening Covid-19 situation demands lockdown last for up to three months, according to the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT). Despite reopening for vaccinated international […]

Thailand Risks Becoming the Next Seychelles as Tourists Return

Proudly contributed by Ton

Less than 100 days before it plans to throw open its borders to international visitors, Thailand is in the grip of a worsening Covid outbreak and a sluggish vaccine rollout. It’s a position familiar to other travel-reliant countries facing the unenviable task of rescuing crucial tourism industries decimated by 18 months of pandemic while guarding against the risk that […]

Covid-19 pandemic pushes millions of small Thai businesses into crisis

Proudly contributed by Ton

Many small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), the backbone of Thailand’s economy, are struggling with crushing debt loads that could force them out of business as the latest wave of Covid-19 infections dims the prospects for an economic recovery. “This round is much worse than last year, and millions of operators are suffering,” said Mr Sangchai Theerakulwanich, chairman […]

Chinese domestic tourism trips down 50% in 2020: official data

Proudly contributed by Ton

2.8 billion trips have been made by Chinese in 2020, down 52.1 percent from the year in 2019, as China made stable recovery of domestic travel market, according to data released by Ministry of Culture and Tourism on Monday. In 2020, Chinese people’s spending on cultural and tourism activities exceeded 108 billion yuan ($16.71 billion), […]

How the pandemic has changed the face of tourism in Siem Reap

Proudly contributed by Ton

It’s been almost 18 months since Cambodia closed its doors on international tourists, leaving its dominant tourism economy in tatters. Nowhere in the nation has felt it harder than Siem Reap, a city whose economy is heavily reliant on tourism. While international arrivals to the town had already started to slow pre-pandemic, in 2019, Siem […]

Thailand previews difficult life without tourists

Proudly contributed by Ton

Thailand looks ill-prepared for life without tourists as a fresh wave of contagion hits. The Southeast Asian country needs to wean itself off this economic crutch, but political instability stands in the way. Gorgeous beaches, spicy food and temples draw a steady stream of travellers. The industry generated $60 billion in international tourism receipts in […]

Thailand: No plans to return tourism to pre-COVID crisis levels

Proudly contributed by Ton

Thailand decided to not return tourism to what is was before COVID-19 | 20% Thailand GDP is from Tourism | Thailand is looking for investors outside the Tourism industry | Thailand’s authorities said they did not plan to return tourism to pre-crisis levels even after the normalization of the epidemiological situation with COVID-19, said Deputy Prime […]

Thailand tourism changed forever

Proudly contributed by Andrew J. Wood

Last week the Thai government Minister’s speech shows me that tourism will never be allowed to recover to previous levels. The writing is definitely on the wall, windows and front door, that there has been a major policy shift in government thinking by PM Prayut Chan-o-cha’s Cabinet. In a deeply worrying development for Thailand’s massive […]