Railway tourism making a swift comeback in the Mekong

Rail travel is experiencing a renaissance on the Asian mainland. Inspired by China’s multi-billion dollar investment in a nationwide rail system, other countries in the Mekong have followed suit with ambitious rail plans of their own. To be sure, China has set a high bar to clear for its neighbors: China Railways has built over […]

Why the Mekong Sub-Region is More Family-Friendly Than You Think

The wild reputation of the Mekong’s “banana pancake trail” is largely a thing of the past. Many formerly raucous backpacker hotspots have settled down, replacing hard-drinking tourists with traveling families looking for culture, food, and fun activities for all ages. Consider Laos, where Vang Vieng used to be Exhibit One of the worst excesses of […]

Upcoming Festivals and Events in the Mekong Sub-Region

With tourism opening up throughout the Mekong Sub-Region, local communities are opening up their traditional festivals for a tide of new tourists! If you’re visiting soon, plan your trip around one or more of these upcoming festivals and events.           Torch Festival, Yunnan, China Lasting three days at the end of […]


The votes have been counted for the first ever Asia’s Best Awards 2022 and here we reveal the top 10 islands in Southeast Asia for 2022. Jun 27, 2022   Phuket It is no secret that Phuket has enjoyed the strongest reopening post-Covid, so little surprise that for 2022 the easy-to-access destination was crowned winner […]

Explore the Mekong Sub-Region’s Ancient Empires

The Hindu-Buddhist kingdoms that once ruled over vast “mandalas” around the Mekong still live on, if only through the temple and palace ruins that hint at the powers that once held sway around the river. Start in Bagan, Myanmar, where over 2,000 Buddhist stupas and temples still stand. They were constructed by both commoners and […]

The Mekong Sub-Region’s Buddhist Temples

Many locals of Mekong’s component countries are part of Buddhist communities that are centred around temples of all sizes and shapes. The most prominent Buddhist temples are listed here—historic structures that demonstrate the deep faith many locals profess.   Angkor Wat, Cambodia One of the most stunning remnants of the Khmer Empire that once ruled […]

Delicious dishes to try around the Mekong

Thailand may be popular in tourists’ imagination for food riches in the Mekong sub-region, but the other countries also punch above their weight where traditional, flavourful cuisine is concerned. Try any of these dishes the next time you visit, and expand your food possibilities around the Mekong!   Yunnan, China: Cured Ham It’s quite simple […]

Best Places to Visit in Myanmar

This list is about the Best Places to Visit in Myanmar. We will try our best so that you understand this list Best Places to Visit in Myanmar. I hope you like this list Best Places to Visit in Myanmar. So lets begin: Here is the list of the best places to visit in Myanmar […]

5 lesser-known Thai islands you can enjoy without huge crowds

  While the pandemic may have curtailed travel and thinned the crowds in Thailand, the more popular islands still remain overdeveloped and overrun with resorts and ever-creeping-in 7-Eleven and Starbucks stores. Instead of doing the usual Phuket or Koh Samui thing, or even touristy Ko Phi Phi, consider heading to some of these less famous islands, […]

15 Best Things To Do In Hpa-an (Myanmar)

Hpa-an is a small town that lies in pretty Kayin State in the southeast of Myanmar. The main reason why Hpa-an is famous is down to its idyllic scenery which is said to be some of the prettiest in the whole country. Hpa-an is also known for its amazing cave systems, so if you like […]