Saffron Coffee’s Brendan Pont: “Not many people know about northern Lao coffee”

The “Golden Triangle” still casts a shadow over secluded parts of the Mekong Region. Some 950,000 square kilometres overlapping the mountains of Myanmar, Lao PDR and China were once major producers of opium poppies that fed the global illicit drug trade. Hmong, Yao (Mien), Gasak and Khmu villages in Northern Laos – unable to grow […]

OAG’s Mac Patel: “It’s vital for destinations to engage with airlines”

OAG’s Mac Patel: “It’s vital for destinations to engage with airlines” The airline industry is leading the way in reopening tourism in the Mekong Sub-Region. Airline capacity among the Mekong member countries may be approaching pre-COVID levels, with Thailand and Vietnam outperforming Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar. Last August 2022, we talked to Mayur “Mac” Patel, […]

Fun Activities Around the Mekong

The best activities in the Mekong Subregion take place right alongside the river – and in many cases, on it. Check out the following activities that use the Mekong River as a backdrop for fun, adventure, and culture. View the rapids at Si Phan Don, Laos Landlocked Laos has “four thousand islands” ready for visitors, […]

The Undiscovered Mekong: Go Off the Beaten Path

Much of the Mekong Subregion remains largely untouched by mass tourism – so much the better for tourists looking for a place to take in the local nature and culture without being bothered by crowds! Here are a few destinations you may want to put on your list if “touristy” is the last thing you […]

Mekong’s handicrafts: art you can take home with you

The arts and crafts of the Mekong Subregion countries are intertwined with religion, culture, and the abundant natural riches available locally: the natural pigments, textiles and precious metals come together to create unique works of the imagination. They’re not just there to admire when you visit – you can buy some, and take them home […]

Ancient Village Experiences Around the Mekong Sub-Region

While the Mekong River’s flow never stops, some sections along it feel as if time has gone backwards—older villages where an ancient rhythm still holds sway, where tourists can take in old cuisines and cultural practices that hardly exist anymore. Consider Yunnan’s UNESCO World Heritage site Lijiang Ancient Village: formerly a major trading center between […]