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Happy Chinese New Year! The Celebration is generally celebrated by Cambodians with Chinese decent and ethnic Vietnamese yet numerous Cambodians and different outsiders living in Cambodia will likewise join a few pieces of the festival despite the fact that they don’t have any connection to it. The Chinese New Year’s Eve will begin the eleventh of February 2021 and will be commended for 03 days.

Many of the Cambodians with Chinese descent work with business, having their own shop or store at the market, so during Chinese New Year you will see that a lot of shops and businesses in Phnom Penh are shut during this period.

The days before the New Year people are busy with cleaning and decorating their house with “Good Wish” banners in red, hanging couplets on their walls and preparing festive displays for offerings. They are also preparing food and buying presents and new clothes. Moreover, people flock to buy yellow-flowering bushes called Angkea Sel. They believe that if the trees blossom during the three days of the New Year, the year will bring good fortune.

In the conjunction with this festival, many of Cambodian with Chinese relatives is travelling locally to the safest destination to visit the attractive places within the kingdom of Cambodia through implementing the New Normal Health and Safety Measures of the Ministry of Health in order to prevent the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak for restarting the tourism. Moreover, the vaccination campaign will be started in February 10th, 2021 to assure the public health safety for the Cambodian people within the country.

However, Cambodia is ranked by the World Health Organization (WHO) as among the top nations in the world with the best COVID-19 containment and impact management. The Bureau de Prospective Economique (BPE) of Senegal has also placed  Cambodia in the 3rd place among the 166 studied nations across the world, and the 1st place in Asia in terms of the Kingdom’s effective measures to contain the spread of COVID-19 and to handle pandemic’s fallouts. Cambodia has put in place the right stringent preventive and control measures on COVID-10 under the Inter-Ministries Covid-19 Anti-Combating Committee, as well as the support and cooperation given by the Cambodians is another attributing factor for the nation’s success in combating the pandemic effectively.

Source: Ministry of Tourism, Cambodia

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