Bokeo-Boten Expressway Project To Link China and Thailand Through Laos

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The existing Road R3A from Bokeo to Luang Namtha.
Photo: The Laotian Times

The Lao government has approved the construction of a new expressway that will link Bokeo with Boten.

According to a report by Bokeo Newspaper, the Bokeo-Boten Expressway Project is currently undergoing a site study to generate a mock-up design before construction begins.

Head of the Design Survey for the Bokeo-Boten Expressway, Mr. Liu Jingwei, reported to the Bokeo Provincial Governor, Mr. Bouakhong Nammavong, that the project began with a survey in Bokeo to assess the impact of the construction project.

The Bokeo-Boten Expressway is expected to link the Houay Xai International border of Bokeo Province with the Boten International border of Luang Namtha Province, effectively linking China with Thailand through Laos.

Read the full article at The Laotian Times:

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