Ric enjoys travel and the experiences associated with discovering new people and places. His travels have brought him to over 80 countries and all 7 continents. This included 10 months volunteering in orphanages located in Thailand and Armenia and building a school in Tanzania. He was born in Boston and currently resides in Chicago. Travel, whether good or bad, contributes to an astounding mosaic of memories. Some of these memories include being shaken down for a bribe by Russian cops on the streets of Moscow, being quarantined by the Chinese government in Tibet for five days, being felled by a case of unbearable food sickness in Yemen, being told by your new friend from Syria that "we hate America" as you drive to Damascus while smuggling cartons of cigarettes, or being advised that the "number one mafia in Taiwan" might want to physically harm you. Hit The Road: India is his second book, following the publication of 7000 KM To Go ( 7000 KM To Go traced his journey from Budapest to Yerevan in a 17 day road rally that covered 7000 km. He is also the Executive Producer of Hit The Road: India, a full length documentary scheduled for release in 2013.