Barbara Schott has been working in international development for over 14 years as project manager and technical expert with bi- and multilateral donors like EU, GIZ, DfID, DANIDA, and others in Africa and Asia. Her main areas of expertise are regional and local economic development and responsible tourism. She has been working in Myanmar since early 2013. Barbara has been facilitating regional economic development and particpatory community development processes mostly in ethnic minority areas and Self-Administered Zones (SAZ) throughout Myanmar. She is well acquainted with all aspects of the Project Life Cycle. Coordinating and liaising with stakeholders is one of her key strengths. Barbara is co-founder of the Myanmar Community-Based Tourism Network (CBT-N) to provide a networking, learning and knowledge platform to the Private Sector, Civil Society and communities. With over 100 members, CBT-N is currently the only functioning working group in Myanmar. Her work with the CBT-Network includes also work on policy level, such as consultative processes for the new Tourism Law and other regulations, and she is also part of the working group for developing Myanmar CBT Standards. Barbara's recent work includes amongst other the evaluation of tourism projects, supporting new destination marketing organisations, organisational development, training and facilitation, elephant tourism and standards, and developing and promoting the new edition of the (official) Myanmar 'Dos and Don'ts for Tourists' booklet. She is currently working with GIZ on the development of investor guidelines and legal agreements in tourism destinations with specific focus on safeguarding communities. She is a certified Travelife auditor.

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