Travel See Write was born in Aug 2014 with a vision to inspire and empower people to move out of their comfort zone to "Travel, See and Write" about offbeat experiences. Offbeat doesn’t just mean going to far-flung places but it could be as simple as rediscovering a forgotten backstreet. It’s seeing travel from an explorer’s perspective. A perspective that touches the soul and not just the eyes. Travel which brings to the foreground the untold stories of people that get pushed to the background or footnotes. I am a solo traveler but don’t mind traveling with friends, family or groups. For me collecting unique experiences and getting absorbed in the social fabric of a place is more important than tick marking travel goals. Neither a backpacker nor spoiled for luxury. I am just an inquisitive and impulsive traveler. When I am not traveling or sharing my experiences on travelseewrite, I make brand strategies for some of the most iconic brands of the world.