Airbnb tracks Thai travels during Covid

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Thais want to reconnect with family and friends, enjoy short getaways, and seek affordable and safe travel in places close to nature this 2021, according to Airbnb’s Meaningful Travel Trends Survey 2021.

Compiled in cooperation with the global data analytics firm YouGov, the survey explores the travel preferences and behaviours of Thais during 2021 during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.*

Travel with immediate family emerged as the top reason for domestic travel amongst Thais. The pandemic appears to have strengthened the ties of families, with 68% of all respondents saying they felt more connected with their families while staying at home and less connected to their friends. This was reflected in their choice of travel companions, with almost half (47%) saying they plan to travel with immediate family for their first trip, followed by couple vacations, solo vacations and then group vacations with friends.

Thais are also seeking affordable and safe travel options that make them feel at home. Respondents ranked affordability as the top consideration that will shape their choice of travel destinations and accommodations this year. Promotions and discounts on accommodation were vital factors along with reasonable travel fares.

Accommodation options that provide personal touches and a sense of feeling at home came in a close second, followed by health and safety considerations (Covid-19 situation on the ground, local health and safety protocols etc.). The majority of respondents are willing to spend THB5,000 to 15,000 on travel this year, with respondents aged 55+ comprising the largest group willing to spend more than THB50,000.

Quick getaways and nature retreats are likely to gain traction this year. When polled about the ideal duration for their next domestic trip, 74% of respondents indicated they were keen to travel between one to three nights. They also sought domestic destinations that were close to nature and with good weather. Sustainable travel is another priority, with 73% saying they often consider the environment and sustainability when choosing destinations and accommodations.

“2021 will see a shift toward more meaningful and purposeful travel as the pandemic continues to limit mass travel. We believe that Thais’ strong desire to connect with their loved ones in affordable, family-friendly destinations will serve as a driving force for domestic tourism recovery, especially with key travel moments like Songkran on the horizon. Travel is resilient and will bounce back, and we are dedicated to supporting Thailand’s domestic and international tourism recovery in the long term,” said Airbnb general manager Southeast Asia, Hong Kong and Taiwan, Amanpreet Bajaj.

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