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A green, nourishing Quang Nam beyond the ancient town

In case you are wondering whether there is anything in Quang Nam beyond the Hoi An Ancient Town or My Son Sanctuary, the answer is an emphatic yes. The usual Quang Nam sights are amazing, but exploring the area off the beaten track gives you a different, deeper perspective of the province. Check out our guide below if you want to beat the crowds and explore the most authentic way of life in Quang Nam.

Tucked away in the countryside

When the sun rises, grab a bike from your hotel or a rental shop and pedal your way from the ancient town towards the green landscape that leads you to organic vegetable farms in Thanh Dong and Tra Que or the rice paddies in Cam Chau. This is where you’ll get a firsthand look at Vietnamese life in the countryside. 

There are a number of ecotourism areas worth a visit if you don’t mind traveling a bit further away. Song Thanh Nature Reserve and Pomu Heritage Forest (Tay Giang) are not to be missed if one wants to fully appreciate the tranquil natural beauty of Quang Nam.  

For culture buffs, pay a visit to Bhơ Hôồng and Đhờ Rôồng community-based tourism villages (Dong Giang), Loc Yen ancient village (Tien Phuoc), Triem Tay community-based garden tourism village, Cam Phu-Go Noi community-based tourism village (Dien Ban), or Zara brocade weaving village (Nam Giang). Here, you can see ancient houses and learn about their unique cultural, historical, and architectural values; meet the owners, who will be more than happy to tell you their stories; and last but not least, relish the charming rural gardens.

Enjoy a stress-free way of life

It’s not an exaggeration to say that Quang Nam is the perfect destination for a wellness retreat. Leave hectic daily life behind, release tension, and find your balance with restorative spa treatments and traditional therapies. From affordable short massages at local businesses to lush three-hour wellness offerings at luxurious resorts, you can find a range of treatments in Quang Nam. 

If you’re feeling more active, partake in a yoga class on the beach or at a class run by local and international gurus to bring you peace of mind and align your body while mingling with other fellow travelers and locals alike. Cycling and walking are also popular ways to refresh yourself while taking in the mesmerizing rural charms of Quang Nam.

Indulge in healthy food

Mindful eating is a great way to nurture your physical and mental self. From tasteful Vietnamese specialties to nourishing plant-based dining, Quang Nam has no shortage of options. Organic farms and vegetable gardens are where you can not only dine locally but also participate in a cooking class to learn more about local ingredients and recipes. Meanwhile, upscale restaurants offer fusion dining experiences where the quintessence of local elements is elevated by international standards.  

Many of these restaurants also offer farming experiences where you can get your hands dirty on their farms, learn about local cultivation techniques, and harvest the ingredients that will end up in your dishes. Thanks to abundant agricultural land, the farm-to-table concept is extremely popular in Quang Nam, so rest assured that you’ll be treated to delicious, healthy meals every day. 

All photos courtesy of Quang Nam Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism.

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