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3D Ice Cream Sticks Pattern from Wat Arun in Thailand, Gain Massive Social Media Popularity

With over 4,000 shares, the 3D ice cream with the recognizable Wat Arun design has become a phenomenal trend across social media networks.

Photo by อาชา พารวย on Facebook

The “Arun Café for Welfare,” a coffee shop located near Wat Arun, is where you can purchase ice cream. The ice cream is exclusively sold near the temple and is produced by the company “Pop Icon.”

Beautiful view of Wat Arun Temple at sunset in Bangkok, Thailand

Upon enjoying the ice cream sticks, customers are greeted with uplifting and dharmic messages such as “Beautiful things are waiting for you” and “Be a fighter without succumbing to sadness.” This effort aims to uplift and inspire others while fostering a sense of positivity and mindfulness.

Photo by อาชา พารวย on Facebook

There are two flavors available: creamy coconut milk and Thai tea. Those who are interested can visit and indulge in this delicious treat, which costs just 89 Baht per stick. A portion of the ice cream sales will contribute to the welfare fund for the temple’s monks, providing customers with a refreshing experience and an opportunity to give back at the same time.

Photo by อาชา พารวย on Facebook

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